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Laboring laboriously
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Working hard on the Fire Station 35 mural… Assembling the aluminum and cast glass panels at the new Gardner Studios corporate headquarters at the Oye building.  This is one of 36 panels that were transported to Denver and reassembled onsite to make the 60′ long backlit mural.  It was a big project and it definitely […]

The Torch start to finish
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A few photos on the ArtsWA Facebook page detailing the process a bit… The Torch, start to finish  

Sketches for Glass Mural at SPSCC
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This was the first sketch I did for South Puget Sound Community College.  This depicts a design for a large cast glass mural (in the sketch the colored parts would be cast glass and the black lines would be laser cut aluminum).  It was not used in favor of an alternative design – “The Torch” […]

Crane With Burning City
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Been working on this for a while – the crane/heron is heavily appropriated from Hana-Fuda cards (except for the burning city part).  Once the clay model is finished I will be casting an edition in glass…

High Point Talk with Gatewood Elementary
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Had a super fun time talking with the kids from Gatewood Elementary.  Those kids were very sharp and attentive – some of them knew the legends better than I did (oops)… West Seattle Blog link:    

HP Library Rain Chain
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A new skill set to learn – clear casting resin and tinting to create a set of replacement funnels for the High Point Library in Seattle.   The gradation of colors is meant to echo the colors that are in the building’s sculptures (Sky Legends).  The clear funnels have quite a different feel from building and […]

Fire Station 6 Artwork Install
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Finally ready to install the Fire Station 6 artwork – nine panels of cast glass and laser cut aluminum.  Here we are with the center panel (that will be a “6” when its put up in place)…

Fire Station Press Molds
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The artwork for the new Fire Station 6 building is made up of laser cut aluminum and glass castings.  Some of the glass castings have textures and images that were taken from the textures and tools at the original Fire Station 6.  These were initially molded with clay, then brought back to the studio where […]

About Architectural Terra Cotta
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Architectural terra cotta is a general term for ceramic sculpture that is specifically designed for the inclusion in an architectural setting (ceramics for buildings).  The clay that I use is specially formulated to allow for the creation of large sculptures that can withstand the stresses of the kiln as well as the abuse of the […]

New Commission: SPSCC
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Bernard Mansavage, project architect (SRG Partnership) and Steve Gardner at site visit Steve Gardner was recently commissioned to create a new artwork for the new learning center on the South Puget Sound Community College campus in Olympia, WA.  The old campus hub of Building 22 is undergoing a massive transformation into a spectacular new building […]