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Glass Casting Blowout!
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Glass casting blowout!!  For some reason some of the castings developed big bubbles in them during the second firing – kinda cool in a way, but not really workable for the cast glass mural these were intended for…      

Fumiko Hayashida at the Bainbridge Memorial
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Fumiko Hayashida is the woman from the iconic 1941 photo showing her carrying her sleeping child down the ferry.  She attended the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Internment Memorial opening ceremony (and celebrated her 100th birthday shortly after).  She is spry and pretty much a rock star – whenever she pauses for a moment everyone whips […]

A Cautionary Tale
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This is how to remove a threaded nut on your child’s finger (I think).   Seven-year old Miya decided that this nut would make a great ring and managed to get it on her finger (I found out later that she had used soap and water to get it on in the first place – […]

9 years ago Comments Off on How to Deliver 1000 lbs of Clay
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FenproDelivery Video of our patented method of clay delivery.