New Commission: SPSCC

New Commission: SPSCC
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Bernard Mansavage, project architect (SRG Partnership) and Steve Gardner at site visit

Steve Gardner was recently commissioned to create a new artwork for the new learning center on the South Puget Sound Community College campus in Olympia, WA.  The old campus hub of Building 22 is undergoing a massive transformation into a spectacular new building that will house the library as well as student services.


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  1. Lorraine Kato Healing says:

    Hi Steve,
    My husband and I visited the Japanese Memorial Saturday, April 13. I was so stunned at the
    beauty of your (bas-relief?) sculptures! My maternal and paternal families were incarcerated in
    Poston, AZ, and they have told me about “camp” all my life. I only learned about the BIJAEM a
    week before we went to WA (tulip festival) and visiting became a priority. We saw (again) “Snow
    Falling on Cedars” at a B&B two days before…….perfect timing. I had to ask many sources to find
    out who sculpted the panels……I finally found out at the Historical Museum. The subjects and the
    quotes absolutely captured the Japanese sensibility of hard work and stoicism. As you wrote in
    your blog, I, too, try to imagine having to leave my home with one suitcase…..and our pets; it’s
    all so unthinkable. The Japanese-American Museum in Los Angeles has a wall of suitcases donated
    by some families. It’s such a powerful statement. I have one from my mother’s families, a metal one with their family number. I just want to thank you for your beautiful and creative work.
    I was extremely moved by the entire memorial. I found out from Mrs.Harui, owner of the
    Bainbridge Island Nursery, that Johnpaul Jones desiigned the wall. His drawings are in the
    Art Museum in town. I would like to thank him also.

    Lorraine Tetsuko Kato Healing
    painted on it.

  2. David Wheeler says:

    Steve, I so glad to see you still doing amazing art; the last time we talk was about 8 years ago. I worked with you on the King County Metro bus shelter project and I provided you with materials we use in the high voltage electrical trade. Keep doing what you do because it looks good on you. Also I share with everyone about your art work at SeaTac airport ­čÖé